Parking in Downtown Davis

There’s abundant parking in downtown Davis. During peak hours, parking might seem challenging but is usually available. Free on-street parking is restricted to two hours; free 90-minute parking is available in the northwest and western part of downtown. Garages offer extended parking times and the City has metered parking in the E Street Plaza lot for longer stays. Always be sure to check your on-street parking times. The City of Davis plans to simplify parking regulations over the coming months. Use our to find parking near your destination.


Helpful Parking Tips

Finding a Parking Space Downtown

Even during high demand periods such as lunch, evening, and on weekends  parking is usually still available. You can save time and frustration circling around the blocks if you know where to look and are willing to walk a short distance. See the locations below!

Weekday Lunch Peak Best Bet:

  • On-Street: Northwest quadrant (especially C Street north of Third Street), H Street between Second and Third Streets.
  • Garages & Lots: G Street parking lots, Fourth & G parking garage.

Friday Evening Peak Best Bet:

  • On-Street: West of D Street or north of Fourth Street.
  • Garages & Lots: Fourth & G garage.

Saturday Best Bets:

  • Morning: Parking is usually plentiful two blocks beyond the Farmer’s Market.
  • Afternoon:
    • On-Street: Parking is in high demand everywhere through the lunch peak. Parking clears up outside of the core (First, Third, E, H Streets) after 1 p.m.
    • Off-Street: Spaces are plentiful in the Fourth & G garage and Amtrak lot. Also try the Boy Scout lot (First & F Street), and the First & F garage.
  • Evening:
    • On-Street: Southwest quadrant (south of Third Street, west of E Street). Selected street segments outside the downtown core.
    • Off-Street: Fourth & G garage, Amtrak lot, Boy Scout lot, First & F garage.

How to Use the Pay Stations

Parking in E Street Plaza lot, located between 2nd & 3rd Streets and F Street & E Streets, is the City’s Pay-by-Space Parking Lot. The cost is $1.00 per hour with a daily $10.00 maximum. This is the most economical parking for shopping, business appointments, lunch engagements, for part-time employment, or for any other uses. Advanced Purchase is available if your meeting/appointment start prior to Enforcement hours you may pre pay for your space and time will start when Enforcement hours start.

  • Make a note of space number where you park
  • Go to parking machine and touch any button
  • Enter number of your parking space
  • Pay with quarters, dollar coins, Master Card, VISA, or Discovery cards.
  • After paying, take receipt and you’re done!

There is no need to display the receipt in your vehicle.

Understanding “No Re-Parking” Restrictions

“No Re-Parking” restrictions limit parking in the same block on city streets in the Downtown Core. Vehicles parked on the street must move off the block face (defined as either side of the street between two intersections) they are parked on when the time limit expires. Vehicles parked in a lot or structure must move out of the lot or structure they are parked in when the time limit expires.

In a two-hour timed parking zone, vehicles may not return to the same block for at least four hours from the time they first parked there. The “return times” vary by parking zone and are specified on every parking sign.

If you need more than three hours of parking, use the Fourth & G garage for $1/hr beyond three hours or the E Street Plaza at $1/hr. If you are a downtown employee, purchase an X permit for all day parking in designated zones.  See our interactive map for more information.

Downtown Businesses and Employees

Up to 1/3 of parking spaces are occupied by downtown employees during peak hours, reducing customer parking availability.  If you drive to downtown, please consider the following:

  • Avoid parking in the 2-hr zones. Instead, purchase an X permit, valid in the First & F garage and in designated areas in the west side of downtown (see interactive map). The X permit is $120/yr, or, $10 a month.
  • During lunch peaks, evening peaks, and on Saturdays, park away from the downtown core. Instead, try:
    • The Amtrak lot. Parking is free and unlimited after 5 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.
    • Boy Scout lot.
    • First & F garage.
    • Fourth & G garage.

Please explore this site for alternatives to commuting downtown by car.